Professor Holly Rushmeier of Yale University visited the School of Software Engineering


On March 10th, Professor Rushmeie from the Yale Department of Computer Science made a week-long visit to the School of Software Engineering. Professor Rushmeier is an nternationally experienced expert in the field of Computer Graphics,and now she is the co-Editor-in-Chief of Computer Graphics Forum.

Professor Rushmeie visited Tongji Apple Club, Google Camp and IBM Technical Society,exchanged ideas towards the institute of media arts and sciences ,made a  made a presentation titled “Material Appearance Modeling”and a report about culture of Yale University.According to the communication,Professor Rushmeie speak highly of our achievement on scientific research, personnel training and students innovation.

According to professor Rushmeier's visit, SSE connected with Yale university computer college,and laid a solid foundation between the two sides  in talents cultivation, course construction, talent introduction, research cooperation and so on.

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