Bin Mu

Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Vice-President @ Software Engineering Tech & Management

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  • Database principles and application(national model bilingual curriculum, Shanghai Municipal key curriculum, Shanghai Municipal model English teaching curriculum)
  • Large scale database system analysis and design
  • Service Science and Service Engineering
  • Service-oriented Computing


  • Database, Data warehouse, Data mining
  • Cloud computing, service-oriented computing, service science and service Engineering
  • Electronic commerce, Business Intelligence

Selected Publications::

  1. Bin Mu, et al."An Adaptive Filtering Technique for Time Series Search", The IEEE Computer Society: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Business Intelligence and Financial Engineering (BIFE2009) ,2009/07, EI: 20094712459293.
  2. Bin Mu, et al."Design and Implementation of GUI Automated Testing Framework Based on XML",The IEEE Computer Society: 2009 WRI World Congress on Software Engineering, 2009/05, EI: 20095312600018.
  3. Bin Mu, et al."A method for Evaluating Initial Trust Value of Direct Trust and Recommender Trust, IEEE: Proceedings of 2010 International Conference on Computer Design and Applications (ICCDA 2010), 2010/06, EI: 20103413186020.
  4. Bin Mu, et al. "A Case Study for Distributed Business Transaction Coordination across Heterogeneous Platforms", the IEEE Computer Society: 2010 International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE2010), 2010/06, EI: 20111013723416.
  5. Bin Mu, et al. "The Implementation of a Global Address Engine", IEEE: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Engineering ICISE2010), 2010/09, EI: 20110913704952.
  6. Bin Mu, et al."IP Multicasting Video Conferencing Model Based on JAIN and JMF", IEEE: Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on Computer and Network Technology (ICCNT 2011), 2011/02.
  7. Bin Mu, et al."A Rule-based Disease Self-inspection and Hospital Registration Recommendation System", IEEE 3rd International Conference on Software Engineering and Service Science, 2012/06.
  8. Bin Mu, et al. "An App Engine Based Implementation of Personal Health Records System", the Second International Conference on Information Science and Manufacturing Engineering (ICISME 2012), 2012/10. Springer: Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, ISSN: 1876-1100.


Latest Reasearch Projects:

  1. National Science & Technology Pillar Program second-level task "An integrated simulation supporting environment and database construction for high-speed maglev transportation planning and design" (Head).
  2. National Science & Technology Pillar Program second-level task "Analysis and design of Propulsion & Power Supply simulating system and related software development" (Head).
  3. National Fundamental Research Program of China (973 Program) task "The Construction of an operating support platform for information services and empirical study in traffic and medical information services" (Second chair).
  4. National Science & Technology Pillar Program second-level task "An integrated test and management platform construction & development of semi-physical simulation system for high speed maglev 28km line" (Second chair).
  5. International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project of the National Ministry of Science and Technology "Research on resource operation mode and supporting technology" (Second chair).
  6. Shanghai Municipal Committee of Science and Technology Key Project "The technical specification development and implementation for resource sharing platform" (Second chair)
  7. Domestic Science and Technology Cooperation Project (The regional revitalization of northeast China) "Customer Relationship Management system of Shenyang Machine Tool Corporation" (Head).



  • Senior visiting scholar at University of New Brunswick, Canada

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