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    Henry Lee
    Director of Cloud Engineering, eBay

讲座时间:2013年11月7日 15:30

      Mr. Henry Lee has 20 years software industry experience with companies such as Autodesk, Microsoft and eBay. He is currently working for eBay Inc as a director of software development - responsible for Cloud Computing, Data Infrastructure & Storage Engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering & Operations. eBay’s infrastructure and platform engineering team manages 100+ million actives users worldwide with over 300 million items for sale, over 8 billion URL requests per day and 70 billion read/write operations per day that contributing to over 175 billion USD per year merchandise volume. Therefore, eBay’s cloud computing infrastructure must focus on scalability, availability, latency, manageability and cost. Prior to eBay, Mr. Lee worked for Microsoft where he led the development effort on Office 365 Enterprise Cloud, Windows 8 developer tools and early phases of Azure AppFabric.
      Mr. Lee will share eBay’s cloud computing architecture and principles with attendees including how eBay is transforming itself from scale-up computing to cloud scale-out computing by thriving on the cutting edge of open source technologies. Considering the variation of attendees understanding of cloud computing, there is a basic introduction of it. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during and after the presentation.


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