Tongji university Apple club, founded in September 24, 2003, is the first student club which cooperate with Apple company in Asia-pacific region, aims to spread Apple company's advanced technology and cultivate  students' innovation consciousness, at the same time develops software on the Mac and iOS platform system.

Since the club was founded, school institute, Apple Company and students pulled together, made a positive effort on projects. In the club, students'any creative ideas will be cherished, encouraged and implemented with the guidance. The club has turn into a stage, for students who are from different faculties, to present their creative ability. In the past eight years, the student club has achieved substantial performance depend on a few teachers who were in charge of the club. The club has played an important role in promoting the students' practice and innovation ability.

The following is what we have achieved:

  • The first domestic Apple software development tutorial: <Apple computer development technology basic tutorial> (China Machine Press, 2004). The copyright of the teaching material belongs entirely to the Tongji university Apple club    
  • The first domestic Apple software development course in Tongji university which is called "Apple platform software development"
  • Developed the first open-sourcedeveloped software which was developed by students, approved by AppleCompany's headquarters.
  • The first domestic student developers invited to Apple World WideDevelopers Conference (WWDC)
  • Achieved all  important awards in students development competition on Apple platform and retained five consecutive champion
  • The first National innovation projects for the handicapped (iNavigate)
  • The first domestic student club that give a professional technology speech and design display in Apple World WideDevelopers Conference
  • The first student's software which participated in the highest honor of Apple's annual global software design: Apple Design Award


During the 6 times of Apple Chinese colleges and universities contests, TONGJI university Apple club has won 1 special award, 5 gold medals, 16 silver medals, 7 copper medals. This performance is very great. TONGJI university Apple club keeps five consecutive champions. From 2005, there are over 10 teachers and students as the first Developer of China invited to attend Apple WWDC (World Wide Development Conference) in San Francisco. In WWDC of 2005, Steve jobs, he expressed the special welcome to Tongji university Apple club. The attendance of TONGJI university Apple club was also as representative of china became a beautiful scenery.

From 2009, the Apple club students' works started to sale in the App store. Apple China official advertising work, animal kingdom, also was completed by TONGJI university Apple club. This work received high praise from Chinese Apple customers. Until now, TONGJI university Apple club have produced over 20 works which are on sale in the Apple App store, the accumulative total  download timesis more than 8000000 times, download users across China, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, Japan and other countries or regions.The works have draw many attentions, for example, some risk investment companies and agentsfrom China, Japan, the United States. At the same time, the students who have worked for TONGJI university Apple club are popular in Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Autodesk, SAP, Kodak, EA, Game loft and many IT enterprises or development software enterprises. Besides a lot of students startedtheir own business.

In the last 8 years, Tongji university Apple club won "Apple distinguished contribution award", "Apple pioneerclub award", "Apple excellentclub award", "Apple prominent laboratoryaward"; club advisors won the "Apple outstanding education experts (ADE)", "Apple distinguished educator awards" and so on.
There were many media reported or interviewed Tongji university Apple club. Involved CCTV, Sina,Sohu, NetEase, CSDN, Tencent, and other media. Not only stereo media paid attention to our Apple club, but also print media started to focus on the achievement of TONGJI university Apple club. We have accepted the exclusive interview of CBNweekly, Liberation Daily and appear on the cover of CBN weekly.


Meanwhile, as a successcooperation case between college and international IT enterprise , we have been recorded in Chinese University and Large Enterprise Cooperation Classic Case Sets. Vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee: tung chee-hwa, the minister  of Science and Technology department:Wan Gang, deputy minister of education department :wu qi-di, senior vice President of Apple Inc: Ron Okamoto, French senators and delegation, many domestic and foreign university presidentsand professors have visited andguided TONGJI university Apple club.

During the development process of Tongji university Apple club, we always adhere to an object which isstudent-centered, innovation-oriented,practical-oriented, and cooperate with the domestic and foreign relevant enterprise, encourage students tomake innovations, offer professional faculty advisers,build good hardware and software environment for thestudents, provide strong guarantee for the growth of students. All of the attempts present the spirit of school Tongji software engineer that achieves 5 coordinated development factors, including frontier, engineering, internationalization, theoretical basis and practical skills.


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