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Professor Liu is a member of the Advisory committee of Software Engineering, the Ministry of Education in China. She has been a co-founder and the national representative of the Chinese Software Testing Qualifications Board since 2006, and a co-editor of ISO29119 International Software Testing Standard since 2011. She has been serving the school as the Executive Dean for 9 years since 2008 and leading the school to the top 10% ranking in the national evaluation by Ministry of Education in China in 2017. 
Professor Liu has awarded 2 National Patents in Big Data Relevancy Analysis and Heterogeneous Data Graph Analysis; she has been leading over 10 research projects which have strong links to the industry and local government departments, and had 18 publications in software engineering and data analysis areas. She also received the Teaching Awards from Shanghai Government and the Ministry of Education in China in year 2009. Her main research interests are in Data Science in Software Engineering, Bioinformatics and Civil engineering, in particular in AI based Heterogeneous Data Relevancy Analysis and Prediction Model. Professor Liu is now looking for enthusiastic and experienced researchers (postdoctoral fellowship) with understanding and commitment in any of the following interdisciplinary areas:
Bioinformatics: AI in medicine sensitivity analysis;
Civil engineering: smart underground pipeline network based on big data technologies.

Mr. JiaKai Xiao, (The thesis was successfully defended on 5th Dec 2017), Finance Risk Analysis in Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd.
Mr XiaoMing You, (The thesis was successfully defended on 11th Mar 2018), Critical Technologies on Big Data Oriented Intelligent Analysis Platform
Mr DeJun Ning, the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, The perceivable software process and its adaptive mechanism in the environment of internet+
Mr Fei Huang, Large Scale Graph Data Analysis 
Mr. Qincheng Guan, Mr. YiDan Qin, Mr. Yi Luo, Miss Qian Li, Miss Qin Zhou, Mr. Yu Qian, Mr. Zi He Liu




  1. Software Development Method and Environment Based on Big Data”, The Key National Research and Development Program, Cloud Computing and Big Data Project, Ministry of Science and Technology, No. 2016YFB1000805, 2016-2019
  2. Smart Underground Pipeline Network based on Big Data Technologies”, Interdisciplinary Research Project between School of Software and the Research Institute of Structural Engineering and Disaster Reduction (RISEDR) at Tongji University, 2017-2019
  3. Research on Cloud based Data Analysis and Processing in the Internet of things (Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, 2012.9-2014.9)
  4. Entropy based cost estimation key dataset discovery method (National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011.9-2014.12)
  5. EBAY Data quality assurance on Hadoop platform (Enterprise, 2011.12-1012.10)
  6. "Development of high efficiency physical climate system in parallel model”, a sub project of "Efficient parallel algorithm research and charge-coupled device development in the Earth's System-mode” (863 project from the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2011.2-2014.4)
  7. Partnership between the Automatic Control Laboratory, EPFL, and the School of Software Engineering, Tongji University (Sino-Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation, 2011.2-2012.2)
  8. SAP Software Quality Confidence Index and Assurance Analysis (Enterprise, 2010.5-2011.10)
  9. e-business service platform in manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises(Shanghai Municipal Commission Of Economy and Informatization, 2009.9-2010.12)
  10. 2008-2010 UK premier PMI2 Strategic Alliances and Partnerships Project fund (British Council, 2009.1-2011.1)
  11.  “Application service platform construction of urban and city' dynamic motoring information integration”, sub-subject of the "Eleventh Five-Year" Plan key projects supported by National Science and Technology "Construction, integration and demonstration of town dynamic motoring optimization platform" (2008.1-2010.12)
  12. Bayer-Tongji IT service measurement benchmark research based on ITIL (Enterprise, 2007.1)


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  2. Qin Liu et al., A Graphical Data Storage and Data Access Approach China, 201510028305.8 



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Co-Founder of CSTQB (Software Testing Qualification Board Greater China) (2006-)

Co-Editor of ISO29119 Software and System Testing Standard (2011-)

Registered Lecturer of the Higher Education Academy UK (2004-)

Member of the ACM China Subcommittee on Education (2013-2015)

Member of the Advisory committee of Software Engineering, the Ministry of Education China 

Member of the Higher Education Academy UK. (2005-)

ISTQB Certified Tester _Expert Level

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