Weixiong Rao

Room 442 Ji Shi Building
School of Software Engineering
Jiading Campus, Tongji University
4800 Cao'An Highway Shanghai
P.R. China 201804

I joined Tongji University (located at Shanghai China) School of Software Engineering as a Professor from Mid 2014. Before returning to Shanghai, I spent several years in University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory(2013), University of Helsinki Computer Science Department (2011-2012), and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science and Engineering (2010) as Research Associate and PostDoctor Researchers, respectively. I received my PhD degree from Chinese University of Hong Kong (2005-2009) with Prof. Ada Fu as my advisor. Before that, I spent six years in industry. During this period, I learned quite a lot practical engineering skills. I received my Bachelor and Mphil from North Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University, respectively. You may reach me by my TONGJI email (wxraoATtongji.edu.cn).

I am currently looking for top students to work on distributed system, database system, mobile computing and other interesting topics related to efficiently and effectively process data in distributed ansd mobile scenarios. Depending on the students' personal interests, we will offer the wonderful chance and competitive salary for students to work in close collaboration with industry and top oversee research institutes. Please email me your CV if you are interested.


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Last updated: September 14, 2015