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CAO, Buyang


曹布阳 Cao Buyang


Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/FACULTY/caobuyang.html

Email: caobuyang at tongji.edu.cn

Teaching: UML, GIS, Software Engineering

Prof. Buyang Cao obtained his PhD degree from University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany, and received his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. He used to work as visiting scholar and researcher in University of Colorado at Boulder, USA and University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany. He also has quite rich working experience in companies, such as SAP AG, Walldorf, Germany and ESRI Inc., Redlands, California.

Prof. Cao is an expert on GIS technology and its applications, data analysis and modelling, optimization algorithms in applications such as logistics.

FAN, Hongfei


范鸿飞 Fan Hongfei

Assistant Professor

Email: fanhongfei at tongji.edu.cn

Teaching: Object-Oriented Programming, Software Project Management, Middleware Techniques and Platforms, Windows Programmming, J2EE Architecture and Programming, .NET Framework and Development

Research Directions: Collaborative Software Development, Software Engineering, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Distributed Systems, Human-Computer Interaction

Fan Hongfei is an Assistant Professor with the School of Software Engineering at Tongji University. He received the PhD degree in computer science from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2013, and the BEng degree in software engineering from Tongji University, China, in 2007. His current research focuses on collaborative software development, which lies at the intersections of software engineering, computer-supported cooperative work, distributed systems and human-computer interaction.

GAO, Zhen


高珍 Gao Zhen

Associate Professor

Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/FACULTY/gaozhen.html

Email: gaozhen at tongji.edu.cn

Teaching: Introduction to Mainframe Systems and Mangement, Development of Large-scale Database Application, Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design based on UML

Research Direction: Big Data and Bisness Analysis, Cloud Computing Infrastructure Flatforms, Mainframe Database

LIU, Qin


刘琴 Liu Qin

Professor, Deputy Dean of School of Software Engineering

Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/FACULTY/liuqin.html

Teaching: Software Engineering, Software Testing

Research Direction: Engineering, Software Testing, Saas Service Platforms

Professor (Dr.) Liu Qin received her PhD degree in Software Engineering in Northumbria University, UK in 2005 and M.Sc in Southampton Solent University, UK and B.Sc in Dalian University of Technology and Science, China. Currently, she is the Executive Dean of School of Software Engineering in Tongji University. Prof. Liu has been a co-founder and national representative of the Chinese Software Testing Qualifications Board (CSTQB) since 2006, and a co-editor of ISO29119 International Software Testing Standard since 2011. Her research interests include software measurement, data mining and data analysis. She has published papers in journals and international conferences of software engineering, obtained patents in data analysis and modeling, and been granted 17 projects, which are both national and international.

RAO, Weixiong


饶卫雄 Rao Weixiong


Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/wrao/

Email: wxrao at tongji.edu.cn

Teaching: Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Database System, Mobile Computing

Research Direction: Distributed Systems, Database System, Mobile Computing

Weixiong Rao received his PhD degree in Computer Science and Engineering from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009, and earned his B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from North (Beijing) Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University respectively. He worked for Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (2010), University of Helsinki Computer Science Department (2011-2012), and University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Systems Research Group (2013). He is now with Tongji University, School of Software Engineering as a professor from 2014 July. His research interests include distributed and parallel data management system and energy-aware mobile computing.

SHI, Yang


史扬 Shi Yang

Associate Professor

Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/FACULTY/shiyang.html

Email: shiyangpub at gmail.com

Teaching: Software Program Management, Software Design in C

Research Direction: Computer Security, Software Engineering, Computer Simulation

Dr. Yang Shi is currently an associate professor in School of Software Engineering, Tongji University, China. He received his PhD degree from Tongji University in 2005. He was also a postdoctoral researcher of Tongji University from 2007 to 2010. Before joining Tongji University as a faculty member, he worked in a software company as a senior engineer and vice president for more than six years. His research interests include information security and software engineering. He has published more than 30 research articles in reputed journals and international conferences.

SUN, Ping


孙萍 Sun Ping

Associate Professor

Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/FACULTY/sunping.html

Email: ping-sun at hotmail.com

Teaching: Systems Analysis and Design, Support and Service of SQL Service

Research direction: Data Analysis, Web Service, Work Flow, Theory of Database

ZHAO, Qinpei


赵钦佩 Zhao Qinpei

Lecturer, Ph.D.

Homepage: http://sse.tongji.edu.cn/zhaoqinpei/

Email: qinpeizhao at tongji.edu.cn

Teaching: OOP in C++, Software Design in C

Research direction: Clustering Algorithm, location-based applications, Image and Speech Processing

Qinpei Zhao received the B.Sc. degree in automation technology from Xi’dian University, Xi’an, China in 2004. She received the M.Sc. degree in pattern recognition and image processing in Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China in 2007. She obtained Ph.D. degree in computer science at University of Eastern Finland in 2012. Currently, she is working as a lecturer in Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

Dr. Zhao’s research interests include cluster analysis, who has years of experience on clustering algorithms and cluster validity measures. She is also interested in extending the cluster analysis into applications such as image processing, spatial and temporal data processing etc.

ZHU, Hongming


朱宏明 Zhu Hongming

Lecturer, Ph.D.

Email: hongming.zhu at gmail.com

Teaching: Software Design in C, Software Development in Apple Device, Besiness Intelligence

Research Direction: Data Mining, Large Scale Graph Mining

Hongming Zhu receive his PhD degree from xx University, UK in 2014. He received the M.Sc. and B.Sc degree in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. Currently, he is working as a lecturer in Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

Dr. Zhu’s research interests include Data Mining and Large Scale Graph Mining.


XIAO, Jiakai



Ph.D. Candidate

Email: waitingxjk at 126.com

Research Interest: Data Mining

MA, Zhongwei



M.S. Candidate

Email: 1991mzw.lndg at gmail.com

Research Interest: Social Network Mining

WANG, Kaile



Email: frank092806 at gmail.com

M.S. Candidate

Research Interest: Time Series Mining

XU, Chenyang



M.S. Candidate

Email: xuchenyang092888 at gmail.com

Research Interest: Distributed Systems

ZHENG, Yiwen



M.S. Candidate

Email: zyw9096 at 126.com

Research Interest: Distributed Systems

CHEN, Yanjie



M.S. Candidate

Email: osnola at 163.com

Research Interest: Large-scale Graph Mining

MAO, Hanjun



M.S. Candidate

Email: 904792922 at qq.com

Research Interest: Data Mining

ZHENG, Renjie



M.S. Candidate

Email: renj092901 at gmail.com

Research Interest: Spatial Database and Mining

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